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All about Heat Maps.

Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site..

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Discover what attracts customers.

See what elements users are drawn towards, and the parts they completely miss..

Learn what visitors ignore.

Learn exactly where users stop scrolling and leave with scroll maps. Scroll maps will tell you exactly where users navigate.

Understand your Visitors.

See where users move, click, and scroll before and after you release a change. The behaviour can let you know if the change was welcome.

Compare different devices.

Learn how behavior changes depending on the device your user is on. You can track Desktops, Tablest and Phones.

Determine if your changes worked.

Wondering if users are really engaging with your latest update? Heatmaps will show you if it’s capturing attention or getting ignored.

Stop the Guessing.

Determine how to improve your product. Get reliable data from real users to prioritize what you develop.

Spot the issues not seen before.

Find the issues that QA misses, whether it’s buttons that can’t be clicked or content that won't load.

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